Rehabilitation of the Old City of Damascus

The Rehabilitation of the Old City of Damascus project is a joint undertaking of the Directorate of the Old City (DOC -  Governorate of Damascus) and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM).

Incorporating economic, social, cultural and environmental issues, the project pursues an integrated approach to the urban regeneration process, balancing conservation and development. Five fields of activities were defined for the project in the planning workshop in February 2008 and were sustained later at the planning workshop for phase two in September 2009, these fields of activities are:

1. An Urban finance will offer financial and technical services to the residents enabling them to undertake additional rehabilitation measures.
2. Public Private Partnerships will integrate the private sector into the local economic development.
3. Developing and implementing concepts for open space and an integrated strategy for renewable energies & energy efficiency will improve the living conditions in the Old City.
4. A Rehabilitation Consultancy Unit has been established as part of the Directorate of the Old City to support residents in their renovation needs.

Besides these activities in the field of organizational and institutional development will enhance institutional capacities.