The Program

UDP intends to promote capacities for sustainable urban management and development at both the national and municipal level. The program is designed for an implementation period from 2007 to 2016. Three fields of support (components), each tied to this multi-level approach, have been agreed on as major areas of cooperation. During the first phase (2007 - 2010): The Rehabilitation of the Old City of Damascus had continued GIZ's efforts on the rehabilitation of old cities in Syria since 1994.
In Aleppo, GIZ's contribution focuses on urban management and development. This includes further support to the Rehabilitation of the Old City, as well as a long-term City Development Strategy (CDS) in cooperation with ‘Cities Alliance' and up-grading/managing informal settlements.
At the government level, efforts were directed towards strengthening policy-making for urban development. Rapid urbanization in Syria requires adequate legislative and institutional framework, as well as specific incentive programs for urban development, which were developed through this component.
At the local level, support structures for municipalities were promoted. This has targeted organizational structures for capacity building as well as inter-municipal networking, with a focus on strengthening the role of municipalities in the national dialogue for reform in the urban development sector.

The second phase of UDP (Nov 2009 - Nov 2011)  focuses on carrying on in the same direction of phase one in terms of the overall objective, with some changes in the approach at the components' level; especially in components 3 and 4 which were merged into one component named National urban development policy and city networking. All information related to the mentioned components are available in this website, choose the component you want to read about from the panel to the left.

UDP's overall goal is to "Support Ministries in charge and selected Municipalities to steer urban development processes according to the principle of sustainability".